Let's do public welfare!
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Appreciating food is an issue that modern people should pay attention to.
The Chiayi City Government helped the Jingzhong community launch the Food-Appreciation Fridge Project
with the Alliance of Taiwan Foodbanks to systematically share food.
There are many sources of food for this project.
In addition to the food provided by the Alliance, there is bread that is left over from hypermarket chains,
food donated by people from other places, and some leftover festival food can be found here.
The supplies are quite abundant.
Besides, the Alliance also set up a food storage facility for non near-expired items.
There are no status restrictions on receiving food,
which allows many families and individuals experiencing financial hardship to temporarily overcome difficulties.
It shows the spirit of love, sharing, and caring for each other.
It also contributes to environmental sustainability.
The Chiayi City Government and the non-governmental organizations promote the Food-Appreciation Fridge Project together
with three main objectives, which are “Sharing,” “Appreciation for food” and “Caring for the underprivileged.”
At present, there are service points for the Food-Appreciation Fridge in many places.
There is hope that it will continue to expand in the future,
and that communities will become relay stations for the Food-Appreciation Fridge,
so that more people can benefit from this project.