Tainan Grand Mazu Temple
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Datianhou Temple is commonly known as the “Tainan Grand Mazu Temple.”
After Shi Lang conquered Taiwan, he changed the original palace into a Mazu Temple,
and later upgraded Mazu’s status to Tianhou.
People call the temple “Datianhou Temple.”
The temple is different from ordinary temples and has many unique features of its own.
For example, the temple uses 73 doornails instead of door guardians to show its imperial status.
There are also some plaques written by the emperors.
They have deep historical significance.
In addition, Yue Lao, the god of love, is very famous here.
He can improve the relationship between two people and help them to finally get married.
Datianhou Temple has an important political position.
For example, Shi Lang accepted the surrender of the Zheng’s army here.
During the Japanese rule, the Republic of Formosa also used this place as the “Office of the President.”
Come to the Datianhou Temple
and meet the noble Tianhou who wears dragon robes and sits on a dragon throne!